Mustelid Monday

This past weekend I read an article about where to see baby sea otters in California.

From the article:

“In a two-hour tour last week with Elkhorn Slough Safari on a pontoon boat, Joe Mancino counted 13 otter pups and 28 seal pups.”

That’s a lot of otter pups! You can read the article here.


A Special Edition of Whisker Wednesday

A Pearl of A Girl
Pearl wasn’t an otter, but she was my mom’s dog and she died this week. Today’s post is for her because she was sweet and I’ve enjoyed writing this about her.
Pearl was my mom’s dog. You see, the story goes like this…One year, for my mother’s birthday, my dad got my mom a dog, Bonnie the Dog. Bonnie took a shine to my dad; I’m a firm believer that your dog picks you. My mom wanted a dog, and so she went out and Pearl picked my mom.
Let me be clear: Pearl ran the show. From the moment that dog figured out how it works, she was in charge.
Pearl was a happy dog. I genuinely believe she enjoyed being a dog. And she was goofy. Like, silly goofy. Everything was a game – played her way. Of course she wanted you to throw the ball! Chances were good she’d go get it and bring it back to you. But there was also the chance that she’d bring it back half way and be off. Or, she’d go see where it landed, sniff it, and be off again. All the while wanting you to go fetch the ball for her and throw it again. And all of that is dependent upon whether or not she remembered where it landed. You could throw the frisbee for Bonnie and the ball for Pearl and Pearl would want both. Bonnie was a big fan of chasing the frisbee. Pearl was a big fan of wanting to kill it while Bonnie tried to bring it back for someone to throw again. Pearl was not interested in going potty. “Pearl! Go outside! Go potty!” And she’d look at you like you’d been beating her. But then she’d go and spend the next two hours outside, checking the perimeter of the yard and having a fantastic time. She loved sleeping on the couch. Or the bed. But, when it was really bedtime, she’d lay in the strangest places: in an out of the way corner, under the china cabinet; in an out of the way corner under a chair. She wanted her food and Bonnie’s. She wanted her chew bone and Bonnie’s. She liked sitting next to mom in the computer room. She’d moan when you scratched her ears. She loved snow! She knew when the camera was on her. I swear! She was a lot of fun to photograph and the attached photo is my all time favorite of her. Everything was an adventure. Everything was a game. She was a very smiley dog.
Pearl was an odd duck and we’re all going to miss her so much. Pearl died yesterday. She had cancer. It was all very fast and unexpected. I feel terrible for my parents and for Bonnie. For Pearl’s friends too, she had lots of friends. But she doesn’t hurt now and she had a very good life. I will miss my soft little friend with the grey eyelashes.
Her was a good girl and her was very sweet. Until we meet again, you goofy little dog. Sweet dreams.

Mustelid Monday

In July of 2016, my husband and I visited Monterey Bay. This marked the first time I’d seen sea otters in their natural habitat. These three photos show a small raft of otters in the Elkhorn Slough area. One of the buildings is where you can rent kayaks, like you see in the first photo. There are signs posted that by federal law you have to be 50 yards away from the otters and that they are a protected species. I’ve seen videos of otters popping up on these kayaks and though cute, it’s not something I’d want to experience. Sea otters can be mean and they have a nasty bite. As well, it’s not safe for the sea otter to think humans are safe.

These otters are examples of the 60% that are decedents of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otter Program, also known as SORAC.


Whisker Wednesday

It’s basically BABY OTTER SEASON!!!

Three baby river otters were born at the zoo in Billings, MT. Here’s a video of them!

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle is now home to four baby Asian Small Clawed otters! My favorite ❤

Lastly, Cartel the otter has been making rounds on FB, Instagram and the like. This is an interesting case for a number of reasons. Apparently, a couple in Bangkok bought a “rescued” ASCO. In America, if the otter were a rescue, it would not have been sold. Rescued otters in the states are taken to animal sanctuaries, assessed for rehoming, and taken in by wildlife organizations when deemed unreleasable. I know that’s also the case in other countries, so I don’t understand why it isn’t in Asia. As well, it’s illegal to trade otters in Asia, both for fur and as pets.

So, through IG, we have the unique viewing of watching this baby otter grow up, as a pet. That raises a lot of ethical questions. At any rate, if you’re interested in watching this unfold, you can do so here, Cartel.

As a side note, here is what Cartel’s owner’s have to say –

A quick explanation of why we raised Cartel.
We have been researched about otters for few years now, that’s what we love. We throughly understand that it is a full time job, appropriate care for otters requires considerable expertise, specialized facilities, and lifelong dedication.
Cartel will get all the needs in the wild eg. Fields to run, fresh food to eat and water to swim. We will raise him with all of our heart.
Ps. He’s probably one of the most happiest otter in the world as you can see on almost every videos. He loves being around and playing with people especially those with warm cuddles/kisses. follow him, he will make your days a better day. 🐻💕💓 One last thing, I just want to make it clear for everybody who were curious about how we got him.
We got Cartel from a person who told us he was rescued, it could have been true, we hope, The founder posted him on facebook for sale. Yes we bought him, but buying him doesn’t mean we support exotic trade, we had to exchange that with the money, because the person won’t give it away for free.
Who knows what his faith is going to be if he was bought by the wrong people. Maybe we are not the most suitable person to look after him but we are trying hard to make sure he get to live a quality life. It could be a life saving after we found that post. We feel it is great opportunity to look after this beautiful creature after been researching for years. Cartel is part of our family now.
Cats and dogs were wild once….
Cartel is living a pet life and he seems to be very happy about it.
Our relationship is stronger than what you might think, he’s very domestic and well behaved, not just that, he also put a smile on millions of people’s face from all over the world.

And from myself, I’m sorry for such a large amount of time away. I caught three colds back to back, had company from out of state, and got really busy at work. Mostly it was the three colds that did me in! Oh! And it’s spring now too, so, happy spring!

Whisker Wednesday

This post has been going around the internet this week. It’s a gif of a North American River otter going for a slide in the snow at Yosemite National Park. Otters slide on the snow like this because it’s fun and because it’s faster than walking. I wish I had as much fun walking somewhere!

In other news, I probably won’t be posting this Friday or this coming Monday. I use my days off to get the next week’s posts scheduled and right now I’ve got one heck of a cold. My time off has been dedicated to tissues and NyQuil. So, I’ll take a short break and be back with more otter goodness soon!

Mustelid Monday

Orcas Island is where today’s video comes from. A fella named Jim said this about his video, “These river otters have set up a burrow on the south side of Cascade Lake. This was filmed on Feb 3, 2017. It is presented without music or anything much on the sound track. I was standing on the north side of the lake (the “lagoon”) using a telephoto.” The otters in question are North American River otters and, if he’s lucky, he’ll be able to go back in the spring and take video of otter babies.

And, for giggles, here’s a quick video of some Asian Small Clawed otters as they just have themselves a little look-see.