Whisker Wednesday

I’m dedicating this Wednesday’s post to the Japanese artist, Kagijou Urushi. I don’t always trust Google to translate correctly, but from what I can gather, Kagijou is a fella and he also draws manga. My favorite work that he does are his otter drawings.

I like his otter drawings because they’re funny and sweet. Almost always the otters are eating, but in a later cartoon they’ll be worried about getting fat. Sometimes they’re mischievous and sometimes they are helpful. Birds, pandas, foxes, and kitty cats have also been known to make appearances in his otter cartoons.

Here’s a sample of his work via the Google search kagijouurushi. So many otters! I also follow this person on Facebook. And, here’s his Tumblr.

And to complete this post, here are a few of my favorite pictures he’s drawn ~

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