Mustelid Monday

The International Otter Survival Fund marked 2016 as the year of the otter. We, here in OtterTalker house, followed suit. We took a trip to Shedd Aquarium in May, we visited Monterey in July, and we swam with otters in October.

While these photographs are not particularly interesting to look at, they do mark the first time I saw a sea otter in the wild. There would be better moments to come, but these two photos mark the first. They were taken on our July trip to Monterey.

We stayed in a hotel, just outside of town, with an easy walk to the beach. From quite a distance I saw a blob bobbing in the kelp beds offshore. I sort of figured that we were looking at an otter, but I had to wait until we got home and I was able to get the photos on to my computer to confirm my hunch.

So, my first sighting wasn’t exactly much to write home about. But I’m glad that I was able to capture the moment.



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