Otter Fact Friday

Fact! I am over the moon with how many people have read my otter blog, how many people have subscribed to my otter blog, and all the compliments I’ve received for my otter blog. I am really in awe. So, thank you! From family, to friends, to reddit – posting and reposting has gotten me views from all over the world: Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, and of course, the US. I’m enjoying every bit of this and I’m glad that you’re all along for the ride!

Well, it wouldn’t be a true Otterfact Friday without an otterfact, so – Fact! The Asian Small Clawed Otter is the smallest of the 13 species. It’s also my most very favorite. They range in size from about 3 pounds to 11 pounds, depending on age and sex. Most of them are about the size of your average house cat.

They’re so cute, I can’t even…


Photo credit: Me!

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