Mustelid Monday

So many exciting things right meow!

The first clip that I’m going to share with you comes from BBC One. You’re going to love this – it’s from an upcoming TV show that is going to feature animal spy cams! In this instance, we have Spy Otter!

So, just like what you see in the clip, scientists have built animatronic animals and they’ve put cameras inside of them to record behaviors that we’d otherwise have no idea of! These animal cameras are getting amazing footage!

While this clip is from BBC, here is what PBS says on their website, “This “Spy Otter” goes undercover to capture some of the most intimate pictures ever seen. #SpyInTheWildPBS premieres Weds, Feb 1 on Nature | PBS where robotic look-alikes infiltrate the natural world to uncover animal behavior.” It seems that we’ll be able to watch this in the US also!

Next up, BABIES!!!

Woodland Park Zoo is located in Seattle, Washington. In December, their Asian Small Clawed otters gave birth to two healthy pups and they are super stinkin adorable! This link will take you straight to a video about them and a few photos that their keepers have taken. Asian Small Clawed otters are a threatened and protected species, but their numbers are still declining. Good job to Woodland Park for aiding in conservation efforts of this species of otter.

That’s about it for today. Though, I want to give a shout out to my friends in Germany! Based on the number of visitors and the country they are from, that WordPress gives me, it seems I have a number of German readers. While my German is very rusty (nicht gut!), I would like to say ~ Hallo! Vielen Dank für mein Blog lesen! Hopefully that says hello and thank you for reading my blog 🙂

Until Whisker Wednesday, I hope your week is starting out fantastic!

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