Whisker Wednesday

This post has been going around the internet this week. It’s a gif of a North American River otter going for a slide in the snow at Yosemite National Park. Otters slide on the snow like this because it’s fun and because it’s faster than walking. I wish I had as much fun walking somewhere!

In other news, I probably won’t be posting this Friday or this coming Monday. I use my days off to get the next week’s posts scheduled and right now I’ve got one heck of a cold. My time off has been dedicated to tissues and NyQuil. So, I’ll take a short break and be back with more otter goodness soon!

Mustelid Monday

Orcas Island is where today’s video comes from. A fella named Jim said this about his video, “These river otters have set up a burrow on the south side of Cascade Lake. This was filmed on Feb 3, 2017. It is presented without music or anything much on the sound track. I was standing on the north side of the lake (the “lagoon”) using a telephoto.” The otters in question are North American River otters and, if he’s lucky, he’ll be able to go back in the spring and take video of otter babies.

And, for giggles, here’s a quick video of some Asian Small Clawed otters as they just have themselves a little look-see.